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Business Stationery

Business Stationery

Display professionalism and strengthen your brand identity.

Letterheads and compliment slips are essential for serious business correspondence, even with today’s digital communication. Your logo and message will leap off the smooth, bright white paper we use, which is also guaranteed to be safe for use in laser printers.
When it comes to business cards we can tailor the material and finish to best reflect your firm’s identity.

OUR ENVIRONMENT: Paper is a truly sustainable material, based on the natural and renewable resource that is wood. Furthermore, all of our paper is accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council™ (FSC™), an internationally recognised body that helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home.
Learn more about the environmental benefits of paper and our efforts in improving our environment.

Need artwork for your stationery? We can design your letterhead from scratch to best suit your business, or recreate one from an existing printed sample.


Present yourself professionally and build your brand recognition.

Your letterheads will be printed on a premium quality, uncoated paper with a smooth, white appearance. That is of course unless you would rather choose an alternative paper:

  • textured – laid or hammered
  • Conqueror
  • coloured
  • fully recycled

Stand out from the crowd even further by adding a bespoke finish:

  • foiling in a choice of colours including gold and silver
  • embossing or debossing to add depth
  • die cutting for a custom shape
  • laser cutting of an intricate pattern

Push the boundaries to make a mark.
Just a few of the stationery design options open to you are listed here. Not sure if what you can imagine is possible? Would you like advice on visualising your idea? We are here to help you bring your vision to life.
Matching envelopes. Pick up complementary envelopes – plain, or printed with your PPI or campaign message.

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Compliment Slips

We offer ‘With Compliments’ slips on the same premium quality papers as letterheads.

There is no need to stick to the usual size of 99x210mm (one third the size of an A4 sheet). A6 (105x148mm) works well and fits common envelope sizes, or choose a die cut circle to be a little different.

Presentation Folders

Document wallets for quotations, trade shows or conferences.

Create the right impression by presenting your documents in a bespoke folder, crafted to reflect your business identity. Include pockets and mounts for business cards and CDs or USB sticks as you require.
Want to keep it simple? We carry a range of off-the-shelf templates that may well suit your needs. Let us know what you need and we will offer you a solution.

Usually measured in millimetres, a folder’s capacity determines the depth of its pockets and therefore how many sheets of paper it can comfortably hold. Too big and the contents are loose; too small and they are pinched or don’t fit.

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Integrated Labels

Reduce errors, save time and money, and impress clients.

An integrated (or integral) self adhesive label is part of a larger sheet that can be detached by the end user. We can supply sheets to your specification, either printed or plain, ready for you to add your own content.
Used by ecommerce retailers, local authorities and charities among many other types of organisation, integrated labels promise time and money saving solutions in many scenarios.

  • Combine a delivery note with a return address label in one piece to save time and reduce errors when goods are packed.
  • Issue one letter with parking permit attached.
  • Post membership cards integrated into a letter detailing your charity’s work.
  • Standard sized A4 sheets pass through printers easier than small labels do.

What’s in a name?
Integrated labels are variously known as: integral labels, labels in paper, shipping labels, embedded labels, peel off labels, peel out labels or cart paper.
Did you know? We also supply Amazon and ebay integrated labels (S1, S2, S3, S6, S7, S8, S9, S11, S12, S13, S14, S18, D1, D5).

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Display professionalism and benefit from reduced postage rates

Available in standard sizes – DL, C5, C4 – or custom made to suit your mailing, our envelopes are crafted either with or without a translucent window.
Printing your company logo demonstrates the status of your business and exposes your brand, lending weight to the envelope’s contents.
Take advantage of the lowest postal rates by printing your Mailmark PPI.
Thinking of a mail shot? Take a look at our full colour envelopes to raise your response rates.

Wallet envelopes
have the flap on their long edge.
Pocket envelopes open on their short edge.
Banker envelopes are also known as diamond flap and commonly hold greetings cards.
Gusset envelopes have expandable sides to increase their capacity.

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Looking for some individuality in your year planner or do you need to display a chart that’s not available off the shelf?
Tell us your requirements and we will deliver a wallplanner bespoke to you, for use in your office or for distribution to your clients. We print on paper and offer to frame your planner as a whiteboard, add a magnetic face or finish it as a chalkboard.

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