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Security Print

Dataproof are trusted suppliers of print that requires security without compromise.

Your business dealings will be protected from fraud and dishonesty.
State of the art technologies and robust internal procedures allow us to fulfill the most stringent demands.
We offer single-sheet solutions for laser printers and continuous forms for dot matrix printers.
Beyond cheques and permits, we can also provide your membership cards, integral stickers and cards, visitors’ passes and more.


Trusted as a secure, offline payment method

Cheques are still popular, despite talk of their demise. Around a million cheque transactions are carried out daily in the UK, more on peak days. (Source: pay.uk)

Keep your finance office running smoothly with company cheques, always produced to C&CCC standards, in a format that suits your workflow:

  • A4 Cheque Remittance Forms.
  • 3-to-view Cheques on A4.
  • Continuous Cheques.
  • System Cheques.

We will print cheques to your requirements, including your logo and using your corporate colours. We will oversee their verification with your bank – just leave it to us.

Designed to negate fraud and counterfeiting, some of our techniques are overt, others are more covert.
Holograms Optional additions to a document that are difficult to photocopy or forge.
Personalised background An intricately-printed design that is tough to replicate.
Specialist paper Watermarked paper is not readily available. We combine this with ink technologies that thwart reproduction.
Controlled access Our internal processes restrict and account for staff involvement and the minimising and disposal of waste.

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Financial & Payroll Stationery

Sage compatible forms

Sage Statements, Sage Invoices and Sage Remittance Advices.
Formatted to be totally compatible with your accounting software.
Single sheet for laser printers or inkjets; single or multi-part continuous forms for dot matrix printers: SLINV1, SLINV2, SAG040, SAG055, SE02, SE03.

Sage compatible payroll stationery

Sage Payslips, Sage Payroll Envelopes.
Self-seal, peel-and-seal or standard – we have what you need.
Compatible with your payroll software: Sage Instant, Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage 500 or Sage 1000.

* We offer stationery for Pegasus and Iris systems too. *

Mailshot Management

We can save you money and a whole ton of time by handling your whole mailing campaign. We can print, address and deliver your letters for around the same cost as a stamp. Ask us for a definitive quotation.

Permits and Passes

Stationery and permits integrated in the same sheet.

A neat and tidy way for you to personalise and administer your membership scheme.
We will pre-print the base form and pass, including any security measures you want to add. You overprint your information and send to your customer. They pop out their pre-laminated pass from the sheet and they are good to go. A quick, clean and professional tamper-proof solution.

What are these good for?

  • Admission Cards
  • Amusement Park Passes
  • Residents’ Car Park Scheme
  • Photo ID Cards
  • Delivery and Returns Labels
  • Security Cards

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