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Continuous Stationery

Continuous stationery printed by dot matrix printer
Keeping warehouses, cash + carry stores and finance offices running smoothly.

Continuous Stationery

Also described as Multipart Stationery or Business Forms, you will find this paper running through dot matrix printers.
Sprocket holes run down both sides of continuous stationery paper to help feed it through a printer. Vertical perforations allow the strip of paper holding these holes to be removed from the printed form. Horizontal perforations allow each form to be separated from its neighbour. They also mark the fanfolds in the long, continuous chain of paper that keep it neatly stacked and ready to feed into a printer.
Although commonly measuring 9½” x 11″ (241mm x 279mm) we also offer continuous stationery forms at depths of 2”,  3”,  3⅓”,  3⅔”,  4”,  4¼,  5”,  5½”,  6”,  7”,  8”,  8½”,  9”,  10”,  11”,  11⅔”,  12” and 14” with a maximum width of 15” (381mm).

To minimise jams,
acclimatise continuous stationery in the same room as the printer for at least 24 hours. Bringing both to equal temperature and humidity will help smooth printing.
Are your copies pale? Don’t worry just yet. The text will resolve and darken for a few minutes after printing.
Look good, save money. Print your top copy in full colour, but convert the lower copies to appear in only one colour which costs less to print.

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Need artwork for your forms? We can design your form from scratch to best suit your business, or recreate one from an existing printed sample.

NCR Business Forms

Used for invoices, delivery notes, remittance advices, purchase orders and more.

Both sides of the form can be printed on in process colours or up to four spot colours. The artwork can change for each part, showing different information or signifying ‘Customer’s Copy’, ‘Office Copy’ and so on.
Sensitive information can be hidden with cross hatched areas or desensitised so that it does not copy.

With up to five copies made of every print at the same time, continuous forms are cheaper and faster to run than laser printed sheets.

Look good, save money.
Print your top copy in full colour, but convert the lower copies to one colour which costs less to print.
Choose your colours. Standard NCR paper colours are white, green, pink, blue and yellow. If you have another colour in mind, we can use that to ‘wash’ a background tint instead.

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Listing Paper

Plain and unprinted continuous feed paper.

Our listing paper is supplied ready to feed into a dot matrix printer straight out of its box. It can be either completely plain or ruled with alternating pale green and white stripes, also known as ‘music ruled’.
Available in one part and up to four part NCR sets.

Finishing Options

Perforations and Micro Perforations.

Sprocket margins are perforated as standard so the sprocket holes can be easily removed. Your options are to not perforate at all and keep the holes, or to have micro perforations which leave a straighter, almost cut-looking edge.


Also known as koboflex, this method of adding small tabs of adhesive tape to the sprocket holes holds multi-part sets together. The resulting forms are more robust and offer extra reliability when fed through a printer.


Similarly to multiflexing (above), line glueing reinforces the sprocket margins by glueing them together and also makes them easier to tear off. The glue goes no further then the perforation so the forms still separate normally.

Numbering and Modulus Numbering.

Each form can be sequentially numbered – a feature particularly useful for invoices, delivery notes and the like. A further layer of document verification and control can be achieved by printing a modulus number (or check digit).


NCR papers are impregnated with a dye that transfers to its copy when pressure is applied. To prevent this happening to sensitive information, such as on financial or payroll forms, the area to be kept private is desensitised so the dye will not transfer. As an alternative measure, we can print a cross hatching which will render the private area illegible.

Integral Labels.

Your finished forms will be supplied with a self adhesive label in place, ready to be overprinted. The end user then removes the label. This is a popular solution for mail order return notes and we also offer it on our cut sheet solutions.

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