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A bunch of new terms have entered the popular lexicon recently. We all now know about coronaviruses, furloughing and PPE or Personal Protective Equipment.
Our print industry, alongside most others, has been affected badly by the viral outbreak and the necessary measures taken worldwide to mitigate its threat. We are however in a position to offer some aid.
The machinery and tools we use everyday combined with a supply chain of relevant materials has allowed us, as an industry, to develop and manufacture safety equipment. We can supply polyester face masks, full face shields and aprons for your staff along with sneeze guards, floor stickers and portable signage for your workplace. Most items can be printed with your message or branding.
The quantities we work with won’t make a dent in the care workers’ needs. We do hope to prevent their workload increasing though by making these devices available. Hopefully these tools can allow you to return safely to some sort of normal operation a little sooner.
Get in touch with us or your other favourite printer – we are all in this together – to discuss your needs.